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MyEnTunnel is an efficient method for maintaining the tunnels of TCP SSH
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Basically, MyEnTunnel is an efficient method for maintaining the tunnels of TCP SSH, MyEnTunnel has many advantages upon its usage. Plink (PuTTY Link) is launched in the background for effective monitoring of tunnels and if something happens to Plink then this software restarts it.

The best part of this software is that the system resources are not consumed so much and minimum CPU usage takes place. There is an option called slow polling, which only does one context switch per second. However MyEnTunnel does not do the encryption and networking, they are done by Plink.exe. The security is not so strong enough; so do not use it for root accounts as the passwords stay in memory.

The languages supported by this software are Polish, both versions of Chinese, German and French. For making the user aware of the connection, green, yellow or red icons are shown by the software. Green when the connection is done, Yellow when the connection is going on and Red when error is generated or connection problems persists. There are many options that can be followed.

Apart from this, this software has seen a huge change in its features with all the versions that has come to the market. Version 1.8 was the preliminary release and after that there were many versions that always fixed an error generated in the previous one. In version 3.4 bugs got reduced to minimum and service now polls once every 10 seconds instead of once every second. MyEnTunnel also works with portaPuTTY for USB thumbdrives.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Monitors the TCP SSH tunnels without using much CPU


  • Does not support encryption and networking facilities by itself
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